About Me

Ever since I was young, video games have been a huge part of my life. I spent most of my life playing them, but there came a point where I decided I wanted to start making them. I went to Moraine Valley Community College after high school to learn what I could do to get on that track. After two years, and a lot of looking, I applied for Columbia College Chicago’s Game Design program and It’s been a dream ever since.

As a Designer, I’ve been part of 3 different game jam teams, winning each one of them. I’ve been a designer, producer, and programmer for each depending on the situation. I am an excellent team player, with a passion for collaboration. My verbal, and written communication skills have also been useful tools for me in my time designing games. In addition to all of the above, I am a User Experience minor. This has taught me how to overcome my nervousness when talking to people, and really helped my ability to research.

Companies I’d like to work for include, but aren’t limited to: Blizzard, Bungie, Ubisoft, Obsidian, and Bethesda.

For additional information see my LinkedIn page, and my Itch.io page.